At Scotts Catering we are always ahead of the crowd. We have designed a culinary collection that can be used for cocktail parties, weddings or corporate functions. By making miniature dishes of classical foods from around the world, serving them either by tray service or created at one of our food bars, where you can watch and talk to the chefs as they create the dishes in front of you.

All foods are served on small stylish plates or bowls with their own miniature cutlery. We can keep out of sight and be in the kitchen or we can provide mobile set ups to place anywhere you would like to help create an atmosphere of culinary styling.


Iced Nougatine Parfait, Scott's Catering Barbados

sample bar foods menu


Thai Poached fillet of Salmon with Bok Choi

Steamed Shu Mai Dumplings

Roast Portobello and Gorgonzola Tart

California Maki

Jerk Chicken with Pineapple Salsa

Beef Carpaccio

Tuna Ni├žoise

Fish Pie with Sweet Potato Mash

Shucked Oysters with Chili Pickle Veg

Salmon Tartar with Pickled Cucumber

Pot Roast Pork, Yam Mash and Jus

Lobster Thermidor

Coconut Chili Shrimp with Cucumber Souse

Cilantro Seared Tuna served with Baby Rocket Salad, Lime Mayo and Passion Fruit Martini

Red Snapper Ceviche with Sweet Potato and Pickle Radish


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